Your campaign receives plenty of clicks but does not have any conversions!

What if the problem is not your content or budget but the landing page? Have you given much thought to it? Do not worry, you’re not alone. Many advertisers continue to invest money in well-designed advertising campaigns, only to waste their efforts directing traffic to inefficient landing pages.

The average conversion rates are between 2 and 5%, though some landing pages can reach up to 10%. These are the percentages to which we must aspire!

The goal of a landing page is to get a visitor to perform the action we want, usually incorporated in the call to action (CTA). From the title of the page to your CTA, there are many steps where potential customers can get lost. In general, landing pages with high conversion levels seem simple, however, there are a lot of details and considerations we should look at.

We have created a step-by-step guide to help you master the art of building a landing page with high conversion levels.

The ultimate guide to ensure the success of your landing page :

Title: Generates Curiosity

The title of your page should catch the attention of your potential customers. Ideally, you should follow up on the offer highlighted in your ad and match the promise of your message. High bounce rates are often the result of titles that seem irrelevant to the ad that the user has clicked on.

Make a value proposal. Describe the benefits that will most likely attract the attention of your potential customers.

Subtitle: Create the need to know more

Ideally, the subtitle should give the visitor a reason to stay on your site. If your title was unclear, this is your chance to be a little more specific and make them want to know more about your products and services.

The subtitle should be clear and concise. As a result, they will leave the visitor intrigued enough to watch the video or continue reading the information you want to communicate.

Explanation: Help you understand your product

The reality is that nobody wants to register for something unless they fully understand what it is and how it can help them. In previous points we generated curiosity about our value proposal, now we have the opportunity to explain what it does to our product. While the explanation is functional, it must be driven by the differentiators of the product or service. List the unique features with their associated benefits.

Benefits: Make them want your product

Summarize all the excellent results that your product can have for the potential client. Past success statistics work well, as do the concrete benefits in the form of bullet lists.

Elements of trust: Make them want to buy from you

Let’s say that visitors who come to your site have never heard of your company before. So it makes a lot of sense to give them a reason to believe and trust your business. This can be done in the form of customer testimonials, trust seals and logos of relevant certifications in your industry.

The point is to appear credible and reliable to your visitors. This will help these potential customers want to buy from you, instead of having them leave your site in search of better options.

Call To Action: Help close the action you designed

A strong CTA is aimed at the value proposition and the action you designed. Describe what will happen after clicking on the button. Your button with your CTA is not the place to show your extensive vocabulary, here the simple words get the best results.

A CTA should draw attention. Use high contrast colors for the buttons and if your landing page is long, use several CTAs throughout the site. You should always give visitors an opportunity to register. Do not risk being distracted and lost.

Building a great landing page takes time. Taking the help of an expert to create effective landing pages make it easy for any company to create and improve their current sites. At Mad Over Social, we pay attention to the client’s pain points and recommend landing page versions best suitable for them. We run A / B tests to find out which version gets the most conversions while we seek to optimize your campaign in digital media.

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