Social Distancing

With calls from the government of lockdown and self-isolation to prevent the spread of COVID-19, more and more people are getting active on social media. These networks have become the primary source of entertainment and connection with the outside world. Keeping aside the cutbacks businesses have to suffer, many of them are now navigating their social media marketing during social-distancing. It’s time to stop panicking and start planning your strategies according to the current situation. To help you with that, here are a few ways you can be socially active without socializing.

Re-think your campaigns

You might have planned certain kinds of campaigns for the coming days. It could be for anything, like marketing your new products or services, engaging customers with your brand, etc. During this pandemic, it’s important to realize that pausing your advertising and non-urgent campaigns are what you need. Rather, shift your attention towards how you can help customers amidst this health crisis. It is encouraging to see many big companies advertising their services while recognizing the impact of COVID-19 at the same time.


For example- Uber Eats has hit a pause button on its delivery special offers, despite the brand takes another approach and highlighting its efforts to keep the small business afloat. In this campaign, they are charging zero delivery fees from the customers who order from a local restaurant in the U.S or Canada.


Be mindful of your tone

The great thing about social media during this pandemic is that it allows for building camaraderie through digital platforms. People are experiencing a complete change in their routine, work settings, and the other day to day activities. In short, social distancing has been tough for many. But, there is still a hope that we can communicate with each other with the help of the internet. As a business, convey some optimistic words and try sharing and posting content that helps people. For example- you can give tips on ‘working from home’. Also, there’s nothing wrong with sharing tips for the period of change and uncertainty.


Don’t be salesy for a while

In the time when people are feeling trapped and already distressed about the condition, you coming out with your salesy language would not bring you, customers. However, that does not mean you stop marketing about your products and services. Try to spread awareness and show your social responsibility so that people connect with your brand. The emotional approach always has an upper hand in influencing people towards you.


Get creative

Companies are now offering the users ways to connect with their loved ones. Try engaging people with your interactive campaigns. For example, you can run a couple-quiz, virtual game nights, etc. We know the pandemic has affected businesses in many ways, but how you use the time to gain more loyal fans for your brand would benefit you in the coming days. Get creative, and look for ways your customers interact with you even when they can’t buy from you.


Hope these tips would help you make your social media strategies work, and you come out of this tough time as an expert social media marketer.


Till then, stay home & stay safe!