social media marketing ideas

Managing your company’s social media campaigns is not an easy job. We mean, it is easy if you are not expecting any fruitful results, but certainly not when you desire an influential impact on both the market and your revenue. And by assuming we are dealing with smart people here who would stick to the second one, here we are providing some fun social media marketing ideas to spice up your campaigns, and to what you expect out of it. So, let’s begin-

Share User-generated content, it is need of the hour

Do you remember visiting that one café because your friend uploaded some ultra-exciting and happing pictures of it? Yes, that’s how user-generated content works. These content are seen as the most trustworthy and effective way to induce customers towards your brand. According to a market survey, 76% of people said they were more likely to trust content from the average person, and almost 100% of consumers said they trust recommendations from other consumers. User-generated content is a brilliant social media marketing idea as it shows that you are not the only one who thinks your company is great.

Create contests and giveaway programs

Who does not love freebies? Holding contests is always a great way to not only engage your followers but to expand your audience as well. In fact, a survey reports that Instagram accounts that regularly run contests grow about 70% faster than the accounts that don’t. For instance, you can run a contest with a sort of rules that ask customers to post their experience with the brand (along with a picture if you want). This will make people talk about you and alongside, you will get more user-generated content to share.

Use “tag a friend” phrases

It is now very often that we see the social media users tagging their friends on the posts that they think their friends will like and enjoy. This quick and easy way of content exposure can be used to grow your brand’s reach. You can share some relatable posts and can ask your followers to tag a friend and share their thoughts about it

Bring behind-the-scenes to front

Another fun and intimate social media marketing idea is to post behind the scenes pictures or videos of your brand. For instance, if you are a restaurant, then you can post a video of your chef preparing some delicious food. And, if you run a clothing line, you can share pictures or videos of artisans designing clothes for your brand. This shows the audience that there are people behind your brand trying hard to provide quality. This makes your relationship with your customers stronger, leading to more leads.

If you are new to the industry or a layman in the field of SMM, then it is always better to hire a good social media marketing agency. Having been working as a reputed social media marketing companyfor a long time, Mad Over Social can help you with many more of such fun ideas and can make your social media marketing campaign win. Get in touch with us today!