Hotel Advertising

The hospitality industry or the hotel business is one of those businesses that never go out of fashion. People always need places to stay at when they travel and they often look for hotels that stand out and provide the best services possible. Now, it may happen that despite having the best facilities, a hotel may not get customers and that is because of the lack of advertising. Good advertising can take your business to great heights.

Now the thing is, the advertising trends keep changing and it’s not possible to keep track of them all and that’s when companies like Mad Over Social that provide the best hospitality digital marketing services in India or the rest of the world come in picture. A branding agency can easily identify the ongoing advertising trends and help the hotel.

Here are the trends you should be aware of for hotel advertising in 2021:


As of now, a website is one of the most important things for any kind of business or industry. Even in hospitality or hotel advertising and marketing, it is necessary to have a website that’s attractive enough to gain customers. A website can and should contain all the important information related to a hotel. Be it pictures or offers or facilities or anything, a website can be used to let the potential customers know about anything and everything. A hotel branding agency like Mad Over Social can be contacted for this purpose. Mad Over Social is known for providing the best hospitality technology solutions as well as hotel revenue management solutions.

Social Media

The fact that social media is the biggest advertising tool in the world as of now is not hidden. If used and utilized in the best way possible, social media can take a business to new heights. The same goes for a hotel or the hospitality industry as a whole. A hotel should not just have social media accounts across various platforms but should also use them in the most innovative and creative way possible to showcase what they have to offer. Mad Over Social is a company that provides the best hospitality digital marketing services in India and can use social media for the purpose of advertising which makes the best hotel branding agency.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have taken over the world and even a simple social media post by them can bring customers for your business. Influencer marketing is getting bigger day by day. One of the best perks of this kind of marketing or advertising is that it’s cheap and can garner or appeal to a larger number of people. A hotel can invite influencers or bloggers who can then talk about the hotel on various platforms. This is one of the best trends that people should follow in 2021. MOS or Mad Over Social can contact influencers and provide the best hospitality technology solutions.

Innovative Video Advertising

Video advertisements are more eye catching than any other form of advertisements. An innovative video ad can bring in more people than one can imagine. This is one reason why we keep seeing innovative ads every now and then. This works perfectly for hotels as well. If a hotel comes up with an advertisement that’s beautiful through and through then it can be guaranteed that people are going to come in. A hotel branding agency such as Mad Over Social can be contacted for this type of advertising.

Season Based Offers

Offers are the best form of bringing in business and customers. This technique has been in use since ages and it has never failed. If offers or discounts are presented to the customers based on different seasons, then it can bring in more customers than one can imagine. Hotel revenue management solutions can be used to determine what kinds of discounts a hotel can offer and Mad Over Social can help in getting these solutions.