Digital marketing Solutions

Over the past few years, digital marketing has become the biggest tool in the market for a business to establish itself and in turn earn profit. Nowadays, it’s almost mandatory for a company to register its presence online and ensure growth. Out of the different elements that make up digital marketing, SEO is and will be the biggest of them.

SEO or search engine optimization, in layman’s terms can be defined as the method of increasing the quality and quantity of a website’s traffic and thus, making it rank higher on a search engine, for example google or yahoo. A higher website rank would mean that your website is being preferred by the majority of the people and is more visible to everyone around the globe. Out of all the digital marketing solutions, SEO is the most important one. SEO focuses on the organic growth of a business which in turn can take it to the next level. An SEO ranking is tough to get and for a company to get the benefits of SEO, it needs to get a digital marketing consultant onboard. Mad Over Social is a leading digital marketing agency in India that has proven its worth and is known for their amazing SEO techniques.


Google (any other search engine) has been changing its SEO algorithms over the years and these changes are not easy to track. Here are 6 SEO trends that every marketer should know in 2020:


  1. UX

UX or user experience has become a priority factor over the years. An user would interact more with your company’s website or app or platform if the user experience is top notch and without any kind of error. UX directly impacts SEO in a number of ways. Mad Over Social is known for providing some of the best looking and working websites and apps that prioritize UX in every manner; which in turn makes this consultant the best digital marketing agency in India.


2. Mobile SEO

A few years ago, SEO marketers would focus on computer based SEO techniques but due to the sudden rise in the mobile user all around the globe, the focus is slowly shifting towards Mobile SEO. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mobile SEO is one of the most important SEO trends of 2020. As per the experts, a company should focus on developing its website or app for mobile phones first and try to gain as many users as it can.


3. Google My Business- Local SEO

Local SEOs are as important as Global SEOs. A brand has to be known in its locality first for it to establish itself for the long run. Lately, Google has been pushing its “Google My Business” feature, which allows a brand to get itself registered on Google so that any person can look it up on the search engine with an easy search. This 2020 SEO trend has come up as one of the biggest digital marketing solutions. Mad Over Social makes it their priority to get a brand registered on Google first under the google my business feature.


4. Content Quality

Every digital marketing consultant knows that for SEO, content is the king. And now that the algorithms are changing, the search engines are focusing more on brands and websites that provide quality content. This content quality SEO trend has always been a major keyplayer. So, if you are a marketer, focus more on the quality of the content more than the quantity.


5. Being in the trend

This is for every SEO marketer out there, hop on the trends as soon as possible. Be it using a new feature launched by a certain platform or be it a news or meme that has been trending. As the algorithm picks up the trendy topics easily, it would make things easier for you and get your brand a higher rank. Mad Over Social or MOS has experts that are known for following trends and coming up with their own.



Bert or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transforms is one the latest features introduced by Google. Launched in 2018, BERT is a major change Google has opted for since 2014. It lets people train their website’s question answering system. An SEO marketer can increase the chances of raking their brand on the first page by applying the models of BERT. MOS is one of the few digital marketing solutions providers that has learned how to master BERT which makes it a leading marketing agency in India.