increase traffic on Facebook

Have you been posting on Facebook and experiencing less traffic for a while? Relax, it is been like this with many users now.

To be precise here, people are facing the fall of their organic reach on Facebook drastically. Even worse, the social media platform gives its users a hope every time a new feature is set to be launched. For example- features like Facebook Live and Facebook Watch came with exultation among every user, resulting in tons of views; but for how long?

Well, it was just one blur of fun!

It made the excitement of users go from over the moon to down the drain, just like that. But hey, should we blame Facebook for this? They are just a business and are probably doing what is best for them. So, rather than making you feel down in the dumps, we have decided to tell you the ways how to increase traffic on Facebook. Let’s begin-

Website Messenger Widget

It is needless to say that chat on a website helps to boost conversations to a great extent. But, did you ever think of installing a Messenger bot on your website? Yes, you can do this and it could help you answer the questions of the visitors, 24X7. By adding a Facebook Messenger widget to your website, every visitor would be invited to become your Messenger contact. So easy to communicate, right?

Leverage Messenger Ads

You can benefit a lot even without spending a chunk of money on paid traffic. But, you may often need a few hundred dollars to put some fuel on the fire. Facebook Messenger ads have a format that makes every user, who clicked your ad, your Messenger contact. The great thing here is that they won’t be directed to a landing page where they may bounce or exit.

Facebook Post Autoresponders

Smile, because this tactic is totally free. If anyone comments on your Facebook Page Posts, they will immediately become your Messenger contact. Autoresponder adds people to your Messenger contact list right when they comment on your post. To get comments, you can try asking a question in every post that induces users to comment.

Email Subscribers to Messenger Contacts

Since Email marketing has a lower engagement rate than Facebook Messenger, sending your content to your email subscribers would not be a good idea. But, you can do what we suggest many of our clients to do to leverage them both. Send an invitation to your email list to join you on Facebook Messenger. Those who choose to do so will ultimately help increase your engagement rate, and hence reach as well.

These were some of the ways you can improve your Facebook traffic. To get an expert consultation on this matter, get in touch with Mad Over Social today.