local SEO

Getting a lot of traffic from around the world!

Is it always exciting?

The answer is NO!

This is the major catch about traffic most businesses don’t often realize. If your effort to bring more traffic does not convert to customers and revenue, you are clearly not doing anything worthwhile. And this implies specifically for the local businesses’ websites.

For instance, promoting a website of a cafe based in London to rank top somewhere in Germany is downright useless. There is no point such a site being of any relevance to German users. That’s where the specialty of SEO, called local SEO, comes into the picture.

Why local SEO is important for SEO?

Let us clear this for you.

By optimizing your site to rank locally, you get to target the exact audience probably be looking for you or might need you in the future. Local SEO strategy works great for the local businesses whose potential customers are more likely to be in and around its area. It saves time, makes your website more visible in local search, and help you gain your targeted audience’s trust. Everything perfectly within your reach.

So, if you are ready to include local SEO in your digital marketing strategy, then here are a few hacks that would help you for a greater good.

Use Local Keywords

While the search of millions of people being ‘Find me this thing’, local SEO adds an extra component- Location. When users search for something available in a particular place, the results automatically gets filtered. What remains is the results having the name of the place being searched. Examples of local search keywords are- Sports bicycles in London, Coffee shops near XXX Street, etc.

Create Quality Content

There are so many SEO tools involved to make a website rank, but what a user sees is the content on the website. So, the point is to make your website’s content quality rich, optimized, and that makes you money. The key points for good website content include informative, convincing, user-friendly, SEO-friendly, Useful, and unique.

Attractive Visuals

Visual information catches attention quickly than any other type of information. That’s why, start using pictures and videos if you want to sell your products or services. These make your website alive and business more appealing. The visual trends these days include 360° photos, animation, videos, charts, and diagrams, etc.

Create Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is another great way to manage your appearance in local search, and that too, for free. To be honest, there is no local SEO without Google My Business. Without creating a listing for your business there, you would create difficulties for your potential customers in finding you. It is because of GMB’s incredible benefits that every business wants to register with them.

Adopting local SEO services can prove to be an excellent idea to grow your business in terms of more customers and revenue. For more information on optimizing your website for local search, you can get in touch with Mad Over Social today!