We all love to travel. We love exploring the unexplored. But when we’re done exploring, we need a place that feels like home. A home away from home, where you can unwind without a tint of stress.

We need a friend who is one of the locals- someone who knows the city inside out.

Well, the world is not a wish-granting factory, is it? Or it is!

With the introduction of AI, you’ll have a friend to talk to, who walks besides you and takes you through the city. A guide who tells you about the monumental heritage, a weather-man who forecasts so you can plan your outing better.

Meet Sam — The perfect travel partner

Sam is an AI chat bot who assists a hotel guests from the very start of his/her journey to the end. Sam will remind you of the weather in your target country right when you’re packing your suitcase.

Few hours before your flight on the day of departure (after considering the city traffic), Sam will ask you whether you wish to travel by public transport or personal cab.

Once you take the flight and touchdown at your destination airport, Sam will navigate you to the baggage collection counter. No prizes for guessing, who’s going to book your cab from the airport to the hotel?



Hotel Check-In Stories!

With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), hotels can personalize check-in, stay and check-out experiences for guests. Sam will connect with the hotel as you walk within its vicinity using Geo-tagging technology. As a result, your identification can be confirmed by just smiling before your smart-phone which relays the ID match to the reception. (It does make Iron Man tech feel a bit obsolete, doesn’t it?)

Sam will navigate you inside the hotel using Beacon technology that will have you effortlessly reaching your hotel room. Now, say good bye to keys or cards! By scanning the QR code on your cell phone, you can enjoy a hassle-free and quick check-in to your hotel room.

Sam will lock in a time slot during the day (after confirming with you) for the hotel service. If you’re at a business meeting during the post lunch hours, Sam will send the in-room service in your absence so by the time you’re back you have a plush and perfectly arranged bed for a relaxed ‘me-time’.

Sam does the heavy lifting for you!

Upon check-in, Sam will tell you about the nearby attractions and special interest events that suit your needs. But, how?

After you’ve confirmed your reservation with a hotel, and booked a flight, the data you share acts as a building block for the Chat bot (Sam) to analyze your temperament and preference.

If you are fitness lover, Sam will pick cues from your digital profile and suggests you about any stadium, gym, aerobic or yoga classes that you can participate.

Are you visiting for leisure or business? Based on your purpose of the trip, associated suggestions will be made. Isn’t that cool?

Sam bids the perfect farewell

On the day of return, Sam will book the cab exactly using the same algorithms as used during the departure from the home city.

Now, while you check-in at the airport, he will also inform you that you need to claim reimbursements for the expenses made during the journey. As a result, it will collate the electronic bills of the hotel, cab, dining and any others.

Not just electronic bills, Sam will ask you to take pictures of your physical bill in order to combine the two and create an itemized invoice that you can print.

So by the time, you reach your desk for work next morning, all you need to do is hand-over the receipt to the finance team and claim your expenses.

A game-changing tech-innovation for hotels with business travelers

Artificial Intelligence is truly a breakthrough for hotel industry, especially for those who cater to business travelers. Sam is a global phenomenon and it is making headlines around the world for its unparalleled level of engagement.

Is your hotel tech-enabled to accommodate a dynamic guest experience?

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