importance of content marketing

Good content is one of the best tools to generate traffic to our website and drive the sale. Therefore, content marketing cannot be lacking in any strategy that seeks to increase online presence.

More specifically, this concept refers to the production and publication of information that generates trust and authority among our potential customers. It is about attracting the largest number of users and introducing them into our sales funnel so that we can monetize our actions. It is also a way to build relationships and communities to make people feel connected to a brand.

Let’s take a look at some proven Content Marketing strategies that help transform a subscriber into a real sale.

Create Quality Content

To attract potential customers to your company website, you need to create quality content that meets the need of your target customers. The development of a buyer persona is the key to determine the interests, questions, and objections to your target customers. This will help in developing the content people are looking for.

The more you create the right content, the more doors you open to your potential customers to your website. B2B companies that feed a blog generate on an average 67% more potential customers than those who do not blog. However, keep in mind that it’s not quantity that counts, but quality! So, focus on quality content that meets the needs of your target audience.

Allow your product to be reviewed by influential people

One of the main reasons why Content Marketing is not bringing you any sales may be because you are not bringing it closer to relevant people for constructive feedback.
The most direct content to encourage sales is a review of the product, but it is also something that you cannot create yourself as readers will assume that it is biased. Instead, you need to find bloggers, independent writers, influencers or journalists who are willing to examine what you offer.

Little by little, you will start to climb to the most positioned sites. As reviews appear on the best sites, try to include them in your newsletters and you will see how that social test leads you to the closing of one sale, then another and another.

Convert social networks into a cash register

Through social platforms send your followers to a post that has a linked Call to Action or a Landing Page in order to enter the circuit of Emails and then be driven towards the end of the funnel.

Also, it is important that you listen to relevant conversations about your brand and create alerts to monitor them. You can try Social Ads Campaigns on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or mount promotions on the same platforms through contests, discounts, and surveys.

Inspire Authority through case studies/reviews

Although many types of blog content do not produce any sales, some actually do! If you don’t want to write SEO friendly content, try doing some tutorials on how to use your product or case studies. This will help in building credibility as it shows your audience how successfully a client solved their problem using your service/product. The product reviews or case studies will always serve you as they are not 100% commercial but most authentic and impartial.

Having a good Content Marketing strategy will help you inspire your existing clients and reach more potential people. It’s time to make some valuable changes in your strategy in order to gain higher website engagement and conversions. If you seek more guidance in choosing the right strategy, get it to touch with our content marketing experts at Mad Over Social today.