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Wondering what is the best social media strategy for your business? Getting results on social networks becomes increasingly difficult as “noise” grows. The latest research published in Forbes states that in the US alone, about 88% of companies use various social networks for marketing. The competition is fierce, but with the right strategies, you can stand out and reach the relevant target audience. Be it any type of business, social media marketing services have their effective long term benefits. Let’s look at five smart ways that guarantee success and great results:

1. Focus on Building Brand image

One of the main reasons of using Social Media is to improve the brand image and notoriety of a company, and for this one of the best options is to make viral videos that are distributed on platforms such as YouTube. The aim here should not remain to focus only on brand image, but to see how to take advantage of all the pull produced by a viral video to generate sales.

As an example, let’s look at the campaign that Toyota created to promote one of its models in a miniseries format, creating the Sienna family that got more than 8 million impressions with their videos on YouTube and encouraged people to share them with their friends on social networks helping Toyota to reinforce its brand image. In short, turning the users themselves into pre-writers of their brand and the new car model. Pretty Interesting!

2. Do not ignore online sales

If your company sells products online, one of your goals is to get users to the page of your products and convince them to buy. But how to do it?

The computer company Dell, which uses its Twitter channel with more than 1.5 million followers to communicate offers and promotions on products can respond to this question very well.

If we perform an analyzing exercise on the ROI of Dell we can conclude that for each tweet that they launch to their 1.5 million followers, they see something more than 3% of followers of which 1% click on the link to have more information about the offer, and 10 % decide to buy it. The result states that for each promotional tweet they generated around 50 sales at an average of $ 500, which becomes $ 25,000 return on investment per each promotional tweet that Dell launches. Do you think it’s profitable? Comment below.

3. Learn from Market Studies
Another potential of social networks is their ability to be used as a market research tool. One of the best examples is the one carried out by Starbucks Company with its website (, where they decided to create a platform where users could leave their ideas to improve Starbucks experience. The result was outstanding since the users not only left thousands of ideas but also voted the ones they liked the most.

4. Customer loyalty is important
It is known by all that it costs more to get a new client than to retain a current one, and based on this, some companies have decided to use social networks as a loyalty tool , and one of the best examples is Comcast’s social media strategy, a company that had very bad brand image and decided to implement a customer service system using several channels on Twitter where a real team of people was dedicated exclusively to support customers and convert complaints and requests to leave in new business opportunities .

Today they already have more than 175k followers on Twitter, and this strategy is helping them turn their customers into potential sellers of their brand.

5. Leads Capture through advertising
The database of potential customers is one of the most profitable business tactics in the long term because it allows us to open a communication channel with people interested in our product and let us have direct personal communication through email campaigns, social media advertising, etc.

To capture leads we should use different tools and must define a strategy to take advantage of the full potential of the Internet by creating an attractive ad, landing pages, YouTube videos, blogs, etc. Little by little, generate a powerful qualified database that will help you convert captured leads into sales.

There are plenty of engagement opportunities you can explore through social media marketing. The idea is to implement a set of different strategies to boost your results and leave your competitors in the dust. The best way to boost your brand on social networks is to experiment with various tactics, harness data, analyze, and continually optimize your approach.

If you want to dig deeper, approach a social media marketing agency and let them help you understand the concepts and advantages more clearly.