high bounce rate

Anyone who has been working with Google Analytics closely should understand that a website’s bounce rate is significantly responsible for its overall success. Bounce rate is a crucial term for online merchants, and it requires them to work hard and reduce it to improve their site’s visibility.

Did you assume that a bounce rate is the amount of time a visitor spends on a website before it ‘bounce’ back to another site? If yes, then you are wrong. In the simple term, the bounce rate is the total percentage of the visitors who leave your landing page without any interaction or browsing to other pages of your website. Now, you know where to shift attention for making your website’s bounce rate healthy.

And, while having a high bounce rate can affect the success of your site, we are providing you some quick fixes to get into the swing of your site’s growth.

Pinpoint the issues

Get to the root of the problem. There could be many reasons for high bounce rate including problems stemming from internal, external, consumer or marketing actions. You can take help from Google analytics to make some improvements. You can also consider reviewing your site by your employees or friends and get better recommendations.

Fix Internal Problems

Most of the time, internal problems play a major role in increasing the site’s bounce rate. This may include improper site design and navigation. Site design with no appeal looks outdated and untrustworthy. Looking at such a site, visitors can leave quickly without any continued engagement.

Avoid Popups

Too many popups coming to your site can bother the visitors and make them leave you right away. And, did we tell you that 70% of users say they get annoyed with the irrelevant popups? More of such ads can lead to a higher bounce, and since you don’t want it, start getting over popups.

Enticing Call-to-Action

Spend 30% time on content, and 70% on creating a compelling ‘call-to-action’. That’s how you are going to get the visitors clicking for you and showing interest in what you offer. You can lose many visits with a weak CTA. So, think about it.

Besides these, many more pro ideas are there that could work wonder to reduce bounce rate. You can discover them with Mad Over Social. We would love to make your site appealing enough to attract visitors’ interactions. Contact us today and know what special we have for you.