digital marketing trends 2020

Even when we sleep, digital marketing is evolving. The internet has become a powerful tool to generate ROI, and we cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing to succeed online. This might interest you to know that the money spent on digital ads worldwide is predicted to reach over $375 billion by 2021, according to an eMarketer. Yes, that’s how digital marketing is elevating.
Since the New Year is not far anymore, it’s time we already start planning about the digital trends and innovations going to rule in 2020. Here are a few digital marketing trends for 2020 that you should watch out for.

1. Chatbots Take Off

To not being left behind in the competition, companies will continue using a chatbot. This software enables effective interactivity with website visitors and customers. If you are not using one, it’s time you do as chatbots are great at communicating naturally with people and answering in real-time.

2. Private Messaging Platforms

As 2020 approaches, many companies will start using some kind of private messaging apps. Companies will now rather prefer communicating with their customers via a private messaging app rather than emails. Major brands have already started experimenting with this new trend.

3. Artificial Intelligence

With the ability to work like a human, artificial intelligence is going to be adopted as an integral part of any organization. AI robots use sensors and human inputs to collect a piece of information about any situation. Also, it can collect and store search data to improve future experiences of the customers.

4. Transparency

According to various researches, companies providing transparent and easy-to-digest information are more likely to gain and retain customers. How you handle your customers’ data is crucial. To make sure you retain your customers, you will need to handle their data transparently, especially when promoting your products.

5. Next-GEN SEO

Search algorithms have already gone through many changes and this has affected the users’ search results profoundly. Ultimately, the goal of the searches will remain to help the users get specific results for their questions. Hence, the quality of search results will improve dramatically in 2020, and you will have to plan your SEO strategies accordingly.

6. Voice-powered Search

With the rapid growth of technology, users will prefer using their smartphones for voice searches. Voice assistants are going to rule in the coming years and will search for things, read text loudly, and dictate voice text messages for you so that you can be hands-free.

These were some of the hottest digital marketing trends for 2020. To make your brand ready to hit the ground running in the coming year, you can get in touch with Mad Over Social and have an effective digital marketing strategy designed for your brand.