Everyone is aware of the opportune platform that LinkedIn provides to connect with the business leaders, decision-makers, and high-income earners.

With that being said, LinkedIn should definitely be a part of your business’s social media marketing mix. But, do you know how using this social media platform can power your business? Organizations are now leveraging this platform to get the most out of it and achieve their business goals.

If you are also wondering how to use LinkedIn for business growth, then here are a few points that will help you on that part.

LinkedIn as a networking tool

There is no denying on the fact that this social media platform has emerged as a great networking tool. To make the most out of LinkedIn benefits, you need to do these things-

  • Connect with people

Since there is no limit to who you can connect with, cover all your friends, colleagues you know, along with other people you don’t know as well.

Have a dream company to work with?

Looking for new job opportunities?

Want to generate leads?

Start connecting with the people associated with what you want and looking for. Set your profile as public so that people can connect with you easily.

  • Pick an all-star personal profile and/or business page

Simply connecting will not do the job alone.

Invest your time to build a good personal profile or a business page. For this, you can try writing a jargon-free introduction, using a professional-looking profile picture, attaching interesting media, etc.

  • Interact with the work of other people

Turn LinkedIn your publishing platform

LinkedIn is a great way for content creators to have their work noticed. Writers use LinkedIn as a publishing platform to create exclusive content for the audience. You can also post status updates and can link back to the content on your site.

But, why publish your content on LinkedIn rather than your personal blogging site?

That’s because your blogging site is meant for just increasing traffic. But here, you will attract real engagement, interactions, and brand awareness from the LinkedIn audience on your blogs. In fact, LinkedIn is the only online social networking platform that allows for publishing articles.

LinkedIn as an ORM tool

The first step towards improving your reputation online is by controlling the results that come on the first page of Google’s result pages. Create a business page of your company to get a valuable spot on search engine result pages. Why? Because your social media profiles, including LinkedIn, would always show up first when someone searches for your business name. This way, your LinkedIn profile will push below the negative comments about your business from Google, if there is any.

There are many more ways you can use LinkedIn for business growth. All you got to do is sign up for our social media marketing services and watch your brand achieving the goals you intend. Get in touch with Mad Over Social today!