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Do you know what is GDPR?

Do you serve customers from any of the European countries?

Are you aware of the serious penalties awaiting for you in case your company policies aren’t GDPR compliant?

Are you wondering how your hotel business can get affected by GDPR?


We have a genius partner – eLearnplace who has all the answers to the above questions and much more to offer you…


What is elearnplace?

eLearnplace.com is a digital learning platform dedicated to fostering education and growth of professionals and curious minds. By using digital learning tools and assessment system, eLearnplace disseminates high-quality information to a wider audience through engaging content for immediate action.

It is run by a team of technologists, educationists, academicians and best practice framework specialist with extensive industry experience spanning varying verticals, technologies and solution. eLearnplace.com has been constantly delivering excellence in e-learning domain for the last 25+ years.

Mad over social and elearnplace.com are partner brands that have teamed up to create power-packed courses that are valuable to businesses and professionals. By combining the expertise of both the brands, we are able to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the field of hospitality, technology, data privacy and best industry practices.



General Data Protection Regulation is EU directive issued to safeguard the privacy of European citizens. It enunciates policies on how to protect against data breaches. With the boundaries between countries getting blurred, there is an increased flux and data exchange in institutions and businesses. In order to prevent misuse of personal data, GDPR was introduced. It extends to the entire world namely, any business or industry that deals with a customer from the European countries. It is essential for any company to look after their policies and take immediate action if not GDPR compliant. eLearnplace’s GDPR awareness course, accredited By APMG International is a two hours online training on principles, roles, responsibilities, and processes under the GDPR to let your non-technical staff understand the concept deeply thereby reducing your organization’s risk of non-compliance.


Benefits of a GDPR course

  • 1) Familiarize yourself with key definitions, concepts, and principles of GDPR.
  • 2) Understand the responsibilities of data controllers and processors.
  • 3) Learn the steps to comply with the regulation.
  • 4) Avoiding grievous penalties
  • 5) Identify rights of data subjects and fulfill it with better precision
  • 6) Incorporate systems and policies that ensure compliance.


Interested to know more about the course?

Discover eLearnplace at https://www.elearnplace.com