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Let’s not forget that people are taking pictures of everything at any time and almost anywhere and posting them on Instagram. And why shouldn’t they? After all, it is the most influential social media platform these days. This crops up a concern for all the hotel businesses out there- is your hotel Instagram ready?

Millennials are the most current demographic group today and Instagram is their first point-of-reference when it comes to choosing a holiday destination. The sky-high engagement rates and Millennial user base, hotel businesses are now prioritizing their Instagram marketing strategy. And, you cannot afford to be left behind in regard to using this outstanding marketing approach.

Hospitality Is Made For Instagram!

Instagram is influencing how hotels and restaurants are now designing their spaces. The new and most prevalent buzzword for the hospitality industry today is ‘Instagrammable’.

What does that mean?

It means the hospitality business is becoming a perfect photo-based social media network. People are choosing their stay destination looking at the pictures of a hotel and the out of the ordinary architecture it comprises. People love to snap their beautiful pictures in beautiful premises to share with their friends. Which in turn, advertise your hotel and wonderful experiences of your guests staying with you.

When you know how exactly to leverage this powerful social media platform, it turns out to be an affordable and effective way to create awareness and build a community. Even better, it is free!

How to Use Instagram as Your SMM Tool?

First of all, your hotel needs its own easy-to-locate Instagram presence. An interesting and straightforward Instagram handle is important to gain followers and have your guests tagging you and increasing your awareness among their friends. You can also use your very own unique hashtag and ask your guests to use it when they are uploading photos with your hotel.

Why don’t we just discuss the whole thing in detail? Let’s go on!

  • Switch to a Business Profile

instagram marketing

Since you’d need to promote your content and brand, you can switch to a business profile. It offers some additional advantages, including –

  1. You can use on-screen buttons to provide your address, contact method, access to your website, etc.
  2. Detailed data insights, including follower demographics, engagement rate, reach, and the time of the day when your users are most active. This can help you plan your future Instagram strategy.
  3. It provides your account a professional appearance.
  • Make your hotel Instagrammable

hotel interior

Trust us, making your hotel Instagrammable does not need you to fully redesign its interior. There are many ways you can do that without breaking the bank. Renovate or adapt your current design and add some interesting tweaks to target Instagram users. Whether it’s a big space or small, you can easily make its interior look exciting.

  • Collaborate with Influencers


This is the world of Influencers.

And who are they?

They are the freaks of Instagram with a large base of followers and a deep understanding of how to make a social media platform influential among people. You can approach these people to market your brand and increase its reach in the Instagram community.

But before you choose an influencer, there are a few things you should consider. Choose those who fit your brand identity, have a significant number of REAL followers, and decide beforehand what services you are going to offer them.

And to make the whole process simple, you can hire a social media marketing agency that can make your hotel business grow. To know how Mad Over Social can maximize your social media marketing, get in touch today.