Google has recently tested on launching its new feature of profile card customization, allowing people to personalize their own profile cards displayed in search results.

The profile cards act as a virtual Information card, which helps users see the information regarding a person when searching about them on the internet.

Image Source: androidpolice

Through a report, Google Official Support Pages published the news with all the details on how customization of profile cards works.

Here is the information we get from Google Support Pages-

According to Google, “You can create your presence on Google Search by filling out a public profile card. You need to submit a profile card with your relevant info. People will then be able to search for you and discover your profile on Google Search results.”

Image Source: androidpolice

Currently, this feature is only available in India for the users who have set their language to English, but soon it should be available worldwide. This feature is only available for mobile and other handheld devices but not for desktop.

Google Official Support Page doesn’t guarantee that your profile card will always show up in SERP when someone searches for you. That’s because a partially completed profile has a low chance of appearing in the results. The more information you will provide the more you increase the chance of your Profile Card showing up.

What’s specifically worth noting is that Google encourages the use of keywords in profile cards, especially if you share the name with another famous person.

According to Google “This term will help people in their search query who are looking for defined Information. For example, “Vikas food Blogger” or “Vikas Online tutor.” Both terms are distinguished with simply the related term”.

However, certain queries are discouraged by Google. For example, “John Smith SEO” would be acceptable, but something like “John Smith the best SEO Specialist in the USA” would probably get rejected. Google can easily detect if the profile card is being used for informational purpose or promotional purpose.

What people need to care about while creating their profile card is, it should not contain promotional content or other forms of advertisement. While creating one, try avoiding terms like “best”, “only”, and “cheapest.”

Once a profile card has been created, it can take up to a few hours for it to show up in the Google search results. Once it is approved, users can see the information when they search for your name.

So, Enjoy the new feature of Google and show your knowledge and skills to the users who are looking for you.